Buying Car Insurance on the Internet

Traditionally, to obtain automobile insurance, vehicle owners were required to walk into an insurance agency, sit down with a licensed agent, and complete a paper application. With the introduction of computers and programs created solely for insurance companies, this process was made easier and more efficient. A quote can be delivered in minutes and all information provided by the consumer can quickly be verified online. The insurance policy can be completed and delivered within the hour. Thus, the client can walk out the door, policy in hand, and immediately get behind the wheel of their vehicle. Policy changes are also an uncomplicated process to handle. Transferring insurance from one vehicle to another, adding or removing coverages, and cancelling a policy can be performed in mere minutes.

As technology improves and procedures become more efficient, more and more options are offered to those seeking to purchase items online. Consumers can purchase everything from jewellery, clothing, food, and even auto insurance on the Internet. There are a countless number of websites that are available to obtain quotes and purchase auto insurance without even leaving the comfort of your home. But are these websites really advantageous to consumers and are they a more viable option than dealing face to face with a reputable insurance agent?

When a client obtains a quote, whether it comes directly from an insurance company or through a website online, it is important to remember that it is just that – a quote. The amount isn’t necessarily guaranteed. There are a lot of influences that can increase or decrease what you will actually pay in the end. A quote usually only consists of basic information; your personal information, the type of vehicle you drive, and what coverages you require all play a part. Once you actually decide to purchase the policy, all of the information provided will be verified and could change the final rate.

Sure, shopping for insurance online can be quick and convenient, and sometimes even less expensive than obtaining it from an agency down the street, but do they necessarily offer more benefits? There are several questions you need to pose before committing yourself to a certain insurance policy.

Everyone who sells insurance is required to hold a license which allows them to perform this job. Attempting to issue an insurance policy without a license is illegal, and may result in an accident or claim not actually being adequately covered. There are many aspects involved when purchasing insurance and most consumers will have at least a page full of questions and concerns. A Website isn’t a live person and cannot always provide the answers you seek in a reasonable amount of time. A website cannot thoroughly explain all coverages available or clear up any misconceptions you may have. An insurance agent can fully explain every detail of the contract to you. If you purchase online, there may be some valuable and important information that you overlook.

In this age of technology, there is a rising concern regarding privacy issues. A licensed and reputable insurance agent is required to advise you of their privacy policy and provide you with a written copy that you must agree to and sign. This gives them permission to collect any personal information about you that pertains to obtaining insurance. There may be a portion of the website that reviews this with you, but ultimately, should it be needed for whatever reason, there will not be a hard copy that has been signed to show that you agree with the policy. There is also a risk anytime you disclose personal information over the internet. You may be privy to identity theft if your information is sent over an unsecured site.
If you have a dispute or need a problem resolved, how can you really be sure that it can be addressed properly? If you deal with a local insurance company, then you can always call them or drop by and they can certainly attempt to solve any problems on the spot. A website is a group of faceless pages that simply spit out information. You need to make sure that there is some sort of customer service department that you can write to or call. Even if there is one available, it may not be efficient and convenient.

Purchasing auto insurance on the internet may be the right course for you to take, however, before you come to that conclusion, make sure to fully research the company that you choose. This can help you save money and prevent any future problems.

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